Playtech is a publicly-traded United Kingdom based gambling software corporation. It trades publicly on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange. Their market cap is currently almost half a billion dollars.

Playtech – Bingo, Casino and Poker

Playtech applications cover the entire range of online gambling options: casino, bingo and poker. It also offers technologies to run land-based kiosk games, as well as sports betting and live casino gaming technologies.

Playtech Bingo

The Company

Playtech is an established company, opening operations in 1999. The founders marketed online casino software. This was profitable enough to allow the company to expand into all other aspects of online gaming. Playtech’s innovation is a unified gaming platform, which allows players to access all of Playtech’s games through one interface.

Playtech Software

The latest software allows for a multilevel comps package scaled for players of all size bankrolls. It also offers an all or any chat option. Players can chat with one single other player, open the interface to include all players, or choose any option in between. The software also allows moderators to monitor the chats, policing inappropriate postings or offering special comps to players.

The company’s subsidiary, Videobet, places gaming techonology into live casinos.

Playtech controls one of the biggest online bingo networks in the world. The company expanded into online bingo in 2003 with Ruby Bingo, which owned by InterContinental Casinos. This was quickly followed by Baraka Bingo out of the Tanzania in east Africa, as well as Kiwi Bingo and Tiki Bingo.


BingoLand Network

All of these sites became a part of, Playtech’s online bingo network.  As of 2006, the Bingoland network includes

  • Mapau Online Bingo
  • Ruby Bingo
  • Bingo 777
  • Miss Bingo
  • You Bingo
  • Prestige Bingo
  • Kiwi Bingo
  • Festive Bingo
  • Baraka Bingo
  • Only Bingo

The entire network is licensed mainly in Antigua and Barbuda.

Playtech products are available in over a dozen different languages, including both Asian and European varieties. The network offers classic American 75-ball bingo.

Deposit options for BingoLand network bingo rooms include:

  • NETeller
  • Citadel
  • Firepay
  • 900Pay
  • ClearChex
  • PrePaid ATM
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

These products are available to customers using several different currencies, including both American and Canadian dollars, Euros and UK pounds.

Playtech software offers auto-play and auto-daub modes. When playing multiple playing cards, it places the best forward to the front. It has a card manager feature, which plays when the player is offline.

Playtech software and have had a major impact on the online bingo industry in just three years of existence. As the popularity of internet bingo continues to grow, Playtech is positioned to control a large percentage of the action.