At most online bingo halls, the resident chat room is as exciting as the bingo games themselves. In most chat rooms, there are various chat emoticons that players can make use of to better express their present feelings while chatting with other players, either old friends or new ones whom they just met at the site.

A wide array of chat emoticons can be seen, including common ones like 🙂 and :(. However, if players feel that using words is a much better option than chat emoticons, there are also several chat terms that can be used most conveniently as these are chat terms commonly used when internet messaging or texting. The chat terms include popular acronyms like AFK or away from keyboard, BBL for be back later, CYA for see ya, BTW for by the way, BRB for be right back and many more.

Alternatively, if the bingo games do not appear too enticing, there are video poker and slot machine games that should be worth considering. These games can also be discussed with utmost passion in the chat room. No need to worry about the proper chat terms or chat emoticons to use since most bingo hall websites have a detailed glossary section that should serve as an effective guide.