Parlay Entertainment is one of the world’s foremost producer of online bingo software. The Canadian company patented the first internet bingo technology. More online bingo sites have used Parlay than any other software producer in the market.

Microsoft Network UK Bingo, AOL UK Bingo and Lycos Bingo are just some of the bingo sites powered by Parlay Entertainment. The company’s stock is traded publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Parlay Entertainment reported record profits in the first quarter of 2006.

Parlay Bingo Software

Parlay offers downloadable, browser or wireless applications for its customers. Their software is compatible with most browsers, including Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh, along with all versions of Linux/Unix systems.

Besides internet bingo, the the Parlay Group also provides casino and lottery technology for other online gambling sites. They also market “Clicks”, a technology to support affiliate programs. Its popular House Edge products helps a site manage its accounts.

Parlay Software

Parlay Entertainment does not operate its own internet casinos or bingo halls; it simply supplies the technology to allow other operators to do so. Parlay takes ten to fifteen percent of the profits of these operators in exchange for us of their software. Since some of these clients include UK casinos operated by Microsoft and AOL, ten percent is a significant number. Parlay Entertainment has nearly three dozen major clients at present.

75 Ball and 90 Ball Bingo

Parlay began by marketing 75-ball bingo software. The 75 ball format is the standard game in North America. The company sold only to firms in the United States and Canada. In time, it expanded into South America. Parlay also set up second offices in Barbados.

Starting in 2001, the company began to support 90-ball online games. 90-ball Bingo is the convention in the United Kingdom. The expansion meant Parlay Entertainment could target sales in the British Isles and the European continent.

Parlay 4 & Chatterbox

The latest application being used is Parlay 4, which went online in early 2006. Parlay 4 offers the Chatterbox feature. This allows moderators to monitor several chat rooms at once. This is important when running an online bingo hall. Such sites rely on chat rooms to simulate the camaraderie of the live bingo experience.

Bingo Blast

For those wanting to keep up with the bingo industry, Parlay Entertainment offers Bingo Blast. Bingo Blast is a free online newletter which tells about bingo trends, while also updating what’s new with Parlay’s products.

A few Parlay clients focused solely on online bingo include:

  • Bingo Hall
  • Bingos
  • Fun Time Bingo
  • Vic’s Bingo
  • South Beach Bingo
  • Bingo Fun House
  • Bingo Mania
  • Bingo Palace
  • Astro Bingo
  • Bingo Card

This represents a worldwide network of online bingo parlours.

  • Bingo Hall and Vic’s Bingo are licensed in Gibraltar.
  • Bingos is licensed in the Netherlands Antilles.
  • Bingo Mania is licensed in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Fun Time Bingo, Astro Bingo, Bingo Card, Bingo Fun House and Bingo Palace are all licensed out of Costa Rica.